Last February when Katie Brown decided to ride one of our Big Oak Horses, we had no idea how our lives would change. Katie runs the rodeo circuit and is always on the move. Rockettes Fame or Miss Jazz, as we call her has traveled all over the United States with Katie Brown. They run in the International Professional Rodeo Association and the Lonestar Rodeo as well.

Welcome to Red Mans Moon Bars or Moose. He is a huge guy with a lot of athletic ability. He has fit right in and is improving every day. He is out of Dinky's Red Man and Fe Fe's Bug on the bottom and Zippo Pat Bars on the top.

On May 8, 2021, Big Oak Farm suffered a great tragedy. Miss Jets Cash, the mother of Fame Will Win and Famous First Prize, died during delivery. Her baby boy had severe medical issues and had to be rushed to Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington. Before transport to Rood and Riddle, we were able to secure a nurse mare, Belle, for our little one. She took to him immediately and no one could tell that she was not his actual mother. After 2 surgeries to repair broken ribs and 4 holes in his diaphragm, Chance and Belle were released to the farm of a surgical tech.  life.

We are very proud to have Big Oak Vodka at Big Oak Farm.  He is the son of Triple Vodka and Sheza Fast Lover (out of Teller Cartel). He is 19 months old and is a star! He is already riding and has the sweetest disposition. 

Breeding season is under way at Big Oak Farm. Our sweet, beautiful, and entertaining Jazzing Ta Fame is ready to produce a wonderful crop of 2022 babies. We have had two breeding for outside mares and both are Gypsy and Venture are expecting babies next spring. When the mares are confirmed in foal, we will be posting more information. Here is another picture of our first Jazz baby of 2021. Miss Bindi is hoot. She loves to run and buck. She has a great momma.

We are pleased to announce that Katie Brown has agreed to help our Rockettes Fame or Jazz reach the potential we knew she had. To have Katie ride one of our Big Oak horses is an honor. In their third ride, Katie and Jazz placed in the top ten at the Lucky Dog in Texarkana out of 745 horses. Their future is bright. Thank you Katie! Safe travels!

Big Oak Farm wants to extend our congratulations to Bailey Belcher and Nickel for their fabulous run at Fort Worth and making the American Rodeo Semi-Finals. Our throwback picture is one of Nickel when she was at Big Oak Farm in 2013. Nickel is a half-sister to our Gypsy (Red Bay Cat). The picture of Gypsy with Nickel in the background was made the day we bought Gypsy and brought her home.

Big Oak Bindi is continuing to grow. She is a special little girl. Her mother is still very protective of her but is starting to let us play with Bindi more. We are having so much fun watching baby Bindi grow and of course, we wanted to update you all with some photos of this sweet little one.