jazz story

Each story we hear about JAZZ 52 babies touches our hearts but this one is super special.  Melanie Capps Crites has the full brother to Rockettes Jazz that we have here at the farm.  She bought the mamma at a sale not realizing she was pregnant and calls him her unicorn for good reason stating "he is my favorite horse that I have ever owned".   The mare had one eye and was covered in rain rot, half-starved and her front teeth did not touch.  Just pitiful and in need of a home at age 23.  She now has a great forever home and in return gave Melanie the perfect horse which she was not expecting.  However, the situation was touch and go as the mare was in such bad shape and the colt suffered colic at 4 months from worms even refluxed the worms out his nose for 8 hours so Melanie didn't think he'd pull through but he did.  Now he is a beautiful and talented horse that will do great things! 

Thank you Melanie for sharing your story of triumph with us here at Big Oak Farm which we hope touches others as it did us! - David & Ginger.

Lead Photo: Spider in Barrel Competition

This is our "Jazzing Ta Fame" baby boy "Colonels Fame" aka "Chance". We adore this boy and all he does to take care of my girl, Ava Myers.  He has been such a blessing to our family and we are so excited to be breeding one of our mares back to this amazing stallion in the next few weeks. To own another of his babies will be our privilege. Thank you for communicating with my sweet girl over the past week to arrange this. We can't wait!! Marcia Myers! 

Rockettes Fame - Miss Jazz by Jazzing Ta Fame.

My Jazz Baby, makes me feel, Blessed.  Melissa Gonterman 

My Jazz Baby is athletic and smart!  - Carmon Poor

I love my Jazz babies because they aim to please.  - Lily Phillips

Fame Will Win is by Jazzing Ta Fame and Miss Jets Cash! 2 year old.

My two babies out of Jazzing Ta Fame.  The Sorrel is age 13 out of a running bred mare she won the 2D at the NBA state this year she was BullWhip Rodeo Champion in 2018. The Black one is just 3 years old and out of my cow/run bred mare!  She can really turn and loves to run!  I'm ready to breed to Jazz again.  Tracy Cornwell

Enjoying the sunshine. By Jazzing Ta Fame stallion and out of WRS Kool Jess by Kool Quick Kid.  - Blake Vitatoe  

Firen the Fame by Jazzing Ta Fame by Jazzing Ta Fame and out of Dinks Halfpint (Redmaker x Galla Firen, Alive N Firen). ridden by Adriana Jones! Congratulations on winning the St. Jude Barrel Jam in Memphis TN