Last February when Katie Brown decided to ride one of our Big Oak Horses, we had no idea how our lives would change. Katie runs the rodeo circuit and is always on the move. Rockettes Fame or Miss Jazz, as we call her has traveled all over the United States with Katie Brown. They run in the International Professional Rodeo Association and the Lonestar Rodeo as well.

In October, Katie got her professional card. The rodeo life is hard. These horses run in a variety of pens and are hauled long distances. When they have some time off, Katie takes Miss Jazz to spas across the U.S. and makes sure Miss Jazz finds time to see a chiropractor on a regular basis. Miss Jazz is treated like royalty in and out of the ring. Katie has a big change of her own coming up as she is going to be married on November 20, 2021, to Clif Allred. Since Miss Jazz approves, I am sure they will have a long and happy marriage.

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